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Baby Boomers Turn 65 In The United States Every Day

Lifestyle Reimagined

Culture is everything. Manifesting a lifestyle that appeals to all residents with an array of interests is our top priority. Whether it’s traveling, sports, artistic hobbies, or simply reading, our lifestyle encompasses a blend of interests and passions to make retirement at a BRC feel limitless. And it all starts with our staff.

Our staff are trained to deliver exceptional service that will always be delivered on a first name basis. Our mission is to anticipate every request and handle it with the utmost care. Each community has a Lifestyle Director whose purpose is to craft a culture based on the interests of the residents. As a result, each community will have its own identity and culture.

First Class Service

Make Your Reservation

Food is the centerpiece for a home to truly feel like home. We’ve partnered with PB&J Restaurateurs, PB&J Restaurateurs to ensure BRC Communities constantly serve exquisite dishes that include locally sourced ingredients and are prepared by professionally trained chefs. The culinary experience at a BRC will rival that of a night out on the town.

Our Commitment

fine dining restaurant inside retirement community

We spent the last 15 years honing our skills in developing, operating, and owning independent living communities. It is this experience that has allowed us to define our purpose and establish our mission for the future. Using our beliefs and values as a foundation, we have built - and will continue to build upon - a true experiential lifestyle that will engage our residents and redefine retirement.

active seniors enjoying a game of golf near their retirement community